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Badshah New Song Paagal Faces Controversy


Badshah New Song is out. Hello Everyone and welcome to Latest Punjabi Songs. I hope you all are having a great day and to make your day more full of entertainment. We are back with another mind-boggling post about Badshah that can make you feel happy, sad or anything else. It all depends on your thinking and perspective. The Punjabi Singer Badshah has been claimed for getting fake views on his latest song ‘Yeh Ladki Paagal Hai‘.


Important Message From Badshah


Paagal By Badshah hits around 75 Million views in the first 24 hours of releasing. This song broke the record of K-Pop’s Bts and Taylor swift and many famous artists. Sony Music India released this song.

Badshah – “I am in the music industry from almost 10 years but I started getting popular in the year 2012. Anyone don’t know my struggle before that period. Slowly, one by one I started releasing songs that gained your love and attention and in the year 2019 I came in a position where my song went viral globally. Now, Some people are saying that these views are fake or bot views. I will tell you what are bot views. The views that are received from a server are known as bot views“.

Youtube is an advanced platform that removes bot views automatically. For Example – If I have 2 million total views from which 1 million are bot views. Then Youtube will verify/filter it and as soon as YouTube will know that these are server (Bot) Views, then all the 1 million bot views are removing from YouTube.”

What Badshah Actually did?

According to Badshah – “What I did is, I used Google Adwords which is a completely legal promotional technique and it is used by so many companies throughout the world. I spent all the budget and focused on gaining views on the very first day instead of getting results in 1 month. All the things we did is completely legal as it is promoted through Google. There is a segment that dislikes my video continuously which makes a negative perception and when the record broke, they started creating negativity about views. The dislikes starting growing rapidly and there are so many fans from India that started disliking my video”.

“It is going to happen my contemporaries Guru Randhawa, Neha Kakkar, Millind Gaba, one day a benchmark will be set by an Indian Artist. We Paid for ads and there is nothing related to fake views bro. Some people started saying that likes are comparatively less as compared to views. Badshah answered – Sometimes I also listen to English or Spanish songs I just listen to them and I don’t like or dislike it and same is the case with my video. Likes and dislikes all depend on a person’s mood. For example – When I listen Despacito first time I didn’t like it nor disliked it and if I listen to Gurdas Maan I simply liked the video because I really love his songs.

Why Badshah Got Emotional?

Badshah said that my song made a world record beating Taylor swift in terms of views. He said that Indians should feel proud that an Indian song went so much viral in the whole world. But People are feeling ashamed of his superhit song. First-time dislikes are coming not for the video but the views. You, people, listen Despacito, do you even know what are they saying, you must go and check their translations. I don’t know man it all feel worthless and I thought we done it. You are ashamed for breaking a record, that’s great. Anyways, I said what I wanted too.

Thank you so much to people who are loving this song, I know everyone is liking this song but it hurts when you face so much criticism after doing something unique. I request you all please don’t create negativity. I created this song to spread positivity, even I never made a song to create negativity. There is so much hate in this world and I want everyone forgets their hate and dance for at least 3 minutes. Our aim was not to break the world record instead our aim was to do something big that people can recognize Indian artists. What do you people want? Do you want that we stand average all the life just look at Virat Kohli (Cricketer) – He has taken fitness/sports to a world-class level. When they started rising they also faced hate/criticism for people but they still didn’t stop and that’s it.

The Promise From Indian Artist 

I will also not stop and I will do things as an Indian artist to take India to another level of music. If you have so much problem with my lyrics and content. Then how I survived so long in this industry till now. Why you people listen to my songs and why you people love me so much. Don’t be influenced by negativity and always become a true listener. If you don’t like my song then it’s okay, thank you for your feedback. Everyone is talking about the song and so much negativity is spreading all over the world just for breaking the world record. We are working very hard and spending so much time. All the big magazines have also reviewed my song Paagal.

Even foreigners started giving so much positive feedback. I don’t understand the song but I love the vibe. When we listen to Spanish, Latin or Arab song we don’t always understand the language but we love the vibe. I will get what is in my luck and I love you guys – said the Badshah in the end.


I hope this article will entertain you a lot. It takes hard work, patience and time for everything. We should support everyone and stop spreading hate or negativity about anyone. Stay together and stay happy. God Bless you all.

If you have any kind of queries or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Thank you so much for reading this article. See you soon.

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