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Bohemia Got Angry During Live Show

Bohemia Got Angry On Stage

Hello users!! How are you? I hope everything is fine. So finally we are back with another amazing and mind-boggling post that can make you go crazy. We all know who is Bohemia? Right? As the title of this post highlights what happened. So are you curious to know that what happened when Bohemia was performing live in Chandigarh? So let’s begin without wasting much time.

Check out the Video of Bohemia Charging at Bouncer at the end of the article !!

Why Bohemia Got Angry?


Bohemia the Punjabi rap star was performing live in Chandigarh when this incident took place. We all know how cool he is but what happened at that time will leave you in shock. He proved that he loves his fans blindly. Bohemia was going to perform live on his super hit Punjabi songs like Jaguar, Kali Denali, Umeed, Same Beef, Ek Tera Pyar and furthermore. The fans of Bohemia were very excited during the show. Everyone was shouting and filled with craziness.

Fans were trying to see Bohemia by jumping over the bars. He was singing and all of a sudden bouncer started slapping the fans very hardly and Bohemia stopped singing and charged at the bouncer which is double of his size. Bohemia describes his love for his supporters with this action.

He also said to the bouncer that I will beat the shit out of you. Don’t hit my fans. Bohemia got angry when the bouncer slapped his fans and he started abusing the bouncer and the situation got even worse. Everyone was recording that scene in their phones.

Live Show of Bohemia

Recently, Bohemia was performing live in TGI Fridays, Chandigarh. TGI Fridays were located in sector 26, Chandigarh. It was a super cool place for having snacks, lunch or dinner. I personally used to go there and eat sometimes but unfortunately, TGI Fridays are more as they were facing a huge loss. So, they decided to shut down the restaurant.

When Bohemia Got Angry?


As shown in the above video, when the situation calmed down. The Punjabi rapper requested all his fans to keep silene and he said please don’t push and don’t touch the grill bar. I will not perform if you continue to do this again. I can perform for 2 hours, 3 hours and even the whole night but please cooperate. The whole place is fully crowded so he tried to control the situation. So, After the things got sorted he started performing on Jaguar and the show continued.

Who Is Responsible For This Situation?

According to me both the bouncer and the crowd are responsible for this situation. People should enjoy the show without pushing each other and creating a nuisance. Even the bouncer should not slap the fans it was rude behavior. Moreover, not even a single person is seriously harmed or injured during this situation. Still, we need to understand the things at the right moment and think twice before taking action.

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