Modification Ban For All Cars And Bikes

Car Modifications

A COMPLETE BAN ON CAR MODIFICATION BY SUPREME COURT. Yes, you heard it right. There is a big market for Car and bike Modifications. Everyone gets excited when it comes to modification. There is an enormous craziness in humans for Car and bike modifications. But, Unfortunately, the modification of cars and bikes is completely banned as per the Supreme Court Order. I know this may be sad news for some modification lovers. Many people are not happy with this decision taken by the Supreme Court. A lot of Questions and Confusion have risen in the minds of people regarding what types of Modifications are banned and What type of Modifications are allowed?

What is Car Modification?

So basically Car modifications can be defined as making some changes in your vehicle to enhance its performance or looks. Modifications are made to alter the vehicle according to the consumer choice measure to make it more functional or to make it more attractive and up to date. There are many kinds of modifications that include the Performance Parts and exterior body kits. Some popular body car modifications are changing the alloy wheels, upgrading music system, leather seat covers, projector headlights and many more. Tuning your engine for better performance is also considered as a modification. Everything that is changed from stock is considered as car modification or bike modification. In this article, we will discuss what car and bike modifications are legal and what modifications are illegal. So stay tuned and read till the end.

How Much Does it Cost To Modify A Car?

The total cost of car modification totally depends on the modification parts you are using. If you are using small modifications like stickers then obviously it will cost you less rather than you install projector headlamps in your car which will cost you around $300 and around 15 to 18 thousand Indian rupees. Different modifications of cars and bikes have different prices. So it is always advised to check the price of some brands before buying any product. The world of modification is totally endless. One can modify is orbital according to their own budgets. It is totally your choice to buy new or second-hand modification parts. Like in India, Delhi is the cheapest place where you can get all the car and bike modification accessories. Delhi is a big please automobile industry. For Car Modifications, Products Guide – CLICK HERE

Modified Car Pics (Car Modification Pictures)

Here are some greatly modified cars that can make you say wow !! Check out and do share these cool cars with your friends.

Car Modification Centres Near me

There are many popular car modification centers that ensure superb quality products and great services. You can check out the Car Modification Service Centres according to your location. Car modification Centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Bangalore, Chandigarh and whole India. Some of them are listed below:-

Revheads – Revheads is a popular place for custom modification of vehicles and automobile body parts suppliers in India. Revheads working hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Except for Sunday. The timings of Revheads Showroom are 11 am to 4 pm (Only For Sunday). Revheads Contact Number/ Phone Number for any queries or issues – 09041419494. Revheads Modification Centre Address – Plot No-94, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002. You can visit revheads in working hours on any day as it is open for all 7 days in a week. Moreover, Revheads has a good google reputation about their services and modification works. Most of the google reviews are positive and make it a place that you must try and will not regret the decision.

Are All Car Modifications Declared illegal? 

The answer is Yes. Almost all types of modifications are banned by the Supreme Court. Major changes in the Exterior, Chassis, and Engine are not allowed anymore. It may lead to the cancellation of your vehicle’s registration. You can only do minor Modifications in your car and bike.

Can You Change The Paint Of The Vehicle?

Yes, You can change the paint of your car and bike. Changing the color of your vehicle is legal. In simple language, The specifications you have shown to the registration authority when your vehicle was registered. There should be no change in the specifications of your car. Even you cannot get your sunroof done black as they consider it a dual-tone car which may result in causing fine by the local police officer.

Can You Alter The Weight Of Vehicle?

The weight of your modifications matters in your vehicle. Let’s check the legal requirement for modifications of weight. The maximum change of  2% is allowed in the weight of the vehicle. The weight can be increased by 2% or decreased by 2%. Any other changes in the weight of the vehicle will be considered illegal. Comment down below. What do you think of this rule by the government?

Can You Make A Change In Engine or Chassis To Improve Performance?

The clear answer to this is NO. You cannot do that as per the Supreme Court. When a manufacturer makes a model or vehicle, It is made according to the safety norms or emission norms and If you made any changes, It means you have altered the safety norms. People usually make changes engine and chassis to improve vehicle performance such as increasing top speed or increasing acceleration speed.

Are Alloy Wheels Also Banned?

Many vehicle owners change their alloy wheels to enhance the look of their cars. Well, In the case of Alloy wheels, There are certain conditions which you have to follow. You can make changes in alloy wheels if you opt for the same size of alloy wheels as the wheels provided by the manufacturer. For example, If your car was fitted with 15-inch wheels earlier, and you decide to opt for 15-inch alloy wheels only. Then it will be considered Legal. You can’t upsize as it will increase the overall weight of the vehicle by 2% which is not allowed as per the orders of the Supreme Court.

Can You Install Aftermarket CNG Or LPG?

Yes, You can install aftermarket CNG or LPG. According to the Supreme Court, When you install CNG or LPG kits in your vehicle, No structural changes are made in your vehicle which is legal as per the orders by the Supreme Court. The installation of LPG or CNG Kits is more eco-friendly options. This a good news for modification lovers as there is something that you can do legally. Lol !! The price of CNG or LPG Kits depends on your location and the type of brands you are opting for.

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