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Guru Randhawa Attacked During Live Show

Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa is back in India. Hello everyone!! I hope you all are fir and fine and having a great day. Welcome to this latest Blog Post which can make you feel sad for your favorite Punjabi Singer Guru Randhawa. We are here with the latest news of Guru Randhawa. What happened to him during the Guru Randhawa live show? So don’t miss out and check the complete post.

Guru Randhawa Canada Live Show

Recently, Guru Randhawa with this whole team went on Canada tour. There was a concert in Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver. So let me explain to you what happened on that day. Guru Randhawa was performing in his concert in Canada. A person started approaching the stage and tried to get on the stage. So Guru requested him to not come on the stage. Guru said please stay there and enjoy the show. The unknown person was drunk and he still continuously tried to get on the stage. Everything was going good, Guru was performing very well.

Guru performed on his super-hit popular Punjabi Songs like Lahore, Slowly Slowly, High Rated Gabru, Ishare Tere, Made in India, Patole and furthermore. Everyone was enjoying the show before the drunk person came into action. That unknown person was completely unstoppable. After Guru requested him a few times to sit back and enjoy the show. Then the person stopped his actions and everything went to normal.

After Guru Randhawa completed his concert. That unknown person came in his way and punched him on his face. On Social Media, Some people also say that the person hit Guru with a bottle.

After returning to India, Randhawa and his team said that they will never perform in Canada again after this incident.

Instagram Post 

As Guru mentioned on his Instagram post:-

Guru is back in India on his correct eyebrow with four stitches and a mega-winning USA / Canada tour. The event occurred in Vancouver on July 28, when Guru told a Punjabi guy not to come to the stage while performing for the crowd. That guy was attempting to come back and forth on the stage and then he began fighting backstage with everybody. He was known to Surinder Sanghera, the local promoter, who sent him away during the show. But when Guru was leaving the stage after finishing the show that drunken men came and punched him on his face. Guru on the spot started bleeding. That man was going out of control when everyone tried to control him. He started fighting with the persons who were trying to cool down the matter. 

Guru Randhawa
Guru Randhawa

Is Guru Randhawa fine?

Yes, with the blessings of God. He went out of a deadly situation. Sadly, he got 4 stitches above his right eye. But now he is fine and will be normal soon. Everything that happened to Guru Randhawa was due to lack of proper security. It was all a matter of carelessness. This shouldn’t have happened. But don’t worry everyone is with you, Guru Randhawa. Fans went shocked when they saw the pics of Guru holding a towel near his eye. Other Famous Punjabi Singers also reacted to this situation.

Guru said he had been saved by his Guru Nanak Dev Ji and prayed to Waheguru to give him a good sense of knowing what to do and what not. Your love and support are all we need always.

So, I hope this article made you clear about the situation and what happened to Guru Randhawa during his Canada Tour. It’s my request to all that please don’t do this kind of things it can happen to you also. Thanks to God that Guru is safely back in India. I wish you all a great day ahead. Thanks for visiting Latest Punjabi Songs

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