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Hathyar Song By Gitta Bains | The Real Story

Bohemia and Gitta Bains Punjabi Singer

Hello users!! I hope you all are fit and fine. Today we are back with a super blog post about an interview of Gitta Bains. In this article, we will share the gossips held between Gitta Bains and the interviewer. I hope it will sound interesting to everyone. So without wasting much time lets start. Have you heard Hathyar Song By Gitta Bains? It was his Debut track

How Did he Get his Name – Gitta Bains

Gitta Bains Punjabi Singer Hathyar Song
Gitta Bains

Gitta was his real name given by his parents and Bains is his surname (last name). This was not a special name for a singer. It was already like this. His parents still call him Geeta where are you? but he says that adding Bains as his last name gives a singer look

The Story of Hathyar Song

According to Geeta Bains, a writer writes a song related to his environment that he is living in and the things happening around him. He says that he is not a big writer and don’t read special books. His circle was like this at that time, He fought with others and argued. My close ones know me very well. At that time he started writing this kind of songs.

Life Before Becoming a Singer

Gitta Bains Punjabi Singer Hathyar Song
Gitta Bains

Gitta struggled a lot in his life. He is still down to earth after becoming a singer. His feet are still on the ground. Earlier, when he was living in India, he didn’t think so much but there was no money. He only had a scooter and that too also doesn’t have fuel. If he doesn’t go to foreign, his life would still be the same. His decision to going abroad changed his life. Gitta worked as a truck driver and worked on road maintenance also. He also worked with builders.

The Hobby of Writing – Hathyar Song

He started writing in his young age. He was around 15-16 years old when he wrote his first song. The environment around him encouraged to write songs and express his feelings. He didn’t know that he will become a singer and take his songs too. There was no internet at that time and moreover, he had no knowledge. He is more interested in writing rather than singing.

Gitta Bains Journey Till Now – Hathyar Song

He thinks that God is the one who helped him every time and made him successful till now. He is having a great friendship with Jatinder Shah (a good friend of Gitta Bains). Furthermore, Gitta usually sings in front of his friend. Jatinder said that this song is very good. Gitta was habitual of recording his voice in the phone and listening to it to check how does it sound? Doing that he made a whole tape. Gitta Bains main focus was to write songs that can be sung by other famous Punjabi Singers. He was not much interested in singing.

Gitta Bains works very hard and is a great person. He is very simple in his real life and has nothing to show off in his behavior.

How Gitta Bains Met Bohemia? RAP in Hathyar Song

Hathyar Bohemia
Gitta Bains with Bohemia

They are brothers from another mother. Gita says that he met bohemia through Mika Singh first time. Mika often said many times to Gitta that I will introduce you with a guy and at the same time Mika Singh was saying to bohemia that I will introduce you with a guy. Moreover, Gita was not having enough knowledge of rap. So After that Mika Singh gave a phone number to Gitta and told him to call and ask him to rap in his song.

Gita was impressed when he met bohemia and listened to his different kind of style. So, he was thinking about which song would be best to work with Bohemia and Bohemia asked him to do a gangster type song.

Bohemia and Gitta became good friends as their thinking and mindset are very much similar. Moreover, with time their friendship turned into a brotherhood. They treat each other as a family member and they also share their responsibilities with each other.

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