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Indian Soldiers Dancing On Latest Punjabi Songs

Indian Soldiers dancing on the latest Punjabi songs during an event. The rarest video on the internet of the Indian army performing on new Punjabi Songs. Only because of the Indian Army we live safe in our country. Their contribution to India is priceless. Army soldiers protect us from dangerous situations. Indian Soldiers stay away from their families to protect other families in India. Indian Soldiers risk their lives to save thousands of lives. We should feel proud of the Indian Army and Indian Soldiers. A big salute to all the armies of other countries too as they also sacrifice their lives for their country. Share this article with your friends and relatives if you are proud to be an Indian.



So the meaning of the word army is a group of well-organized military force equipped for security on land. The job of army soldiers is to protect each and every citizen of the country. The training of army soldiers is very tough. It requires great skills and activeness to be a part of training for the selection of the Indian Army. Very few people get the chance of serving their respective nations. Do you know the full form of Army? So, according to Quora:-

FULL FORM OF ARMY – Alert Regular Mobility Young (Backronym)

The main motive of the army is to protect the country of war and maintain peace throughout the borders. The people working in the army are called soldiers. Difference between army and military – Both words have the same meaning and are used as synonyms.


Indian Army Soldiers
Indian Army Soldiers

The Indian Army is the branch of the Indian Armed Forces based on land and the biggest element. India’s President is the Indian Army’s Supreme Commander and headed by the Army Staff Chief, who is a four-star general. Moreover, the Indian Army was founded on 1 April 1895 in India. The great Motto of the Indian Army is “Service Before Self”. The headquarters of the Indian army is located in New Delhi. Indian Soldiers are very responsible and dedicated to their job. The top 10 states of India giving officers to the Indian army, navy, and air force are – Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Jammu, and Kashmir. NOTE – It doesn’t matter from which state has the highest contribution of soldiers in the Indian army as we all belong to the same motherland India, no matter which state. We all are one and always stay one.


Feel proud to share the Indian Army Logo. Here are the pictures of the Indian Army Logo HD Wallpaper.

Indian Army Logo
Indian Army Logo HD


Mainly, there are 4 different types of armed forces in India which are listed here:-

  1. The Indian Army
  2. Indian Air Force
  3. The Indian Navy
  4. Indian Coast Guard


Check out some lovely photos of Indian Soldiers, Indian army, trucks and special forces – military, etc. Share this post if you are a real Indian. Feel proud to Share !!

Indian Army Photos
Indian Army Photos
Indian Army Photos
Indian Army Photos
Indian Army Images
Indian Army Images
Indian Army
Indian Army
Indian Army Images
Indian Army Images
Indian Army Trucks
Indian Army Trucks
Special Forces
Special Forces
Indian Soldiers
Indian Soldiers
Willy Jeep
Willy Jeep
Hal Dhruv Helicopter
Hal Dhruv Helicopter
Indian Army Tank
Indian Army Tank


So let’s talk about Indian Army ranks or positions. Currently, the Indian army has 1,237,117 active troops and 960,000 reserve troops for any emergency situations. The proud thing for all the Indians is that the Indian Soldier’s army is the second biggest army in the whole world. Many people around all over India apply for recruitment in the Indian army to serve their nation. But due to tough competition between skills and education. Not everyone gets the chance to serve India as an army officer. Moreover, the population of India can also be a reason for competition as we are living in a country that has a huge population of around 130 Crores. Well, the Indian Army ranks are divided into three categories.

Three Categories of Indian Army Ranks:-

  1. Commissioned Officers
  2. Junior Commissioned Officers
  3. Other Ranks (This includes the non-commissioned officers and soldiers)

So let’s discuss in detail about the three categories of Indian Army Ranks

Commissioned Officers – INDIAN SOLDIERS

In general, there are 10 different ranks in the Indian army for commissioned officers. All of them are listed below:-

  1. Field Marshal
  2. General
  3. Lieutenant General
  4. Major General
  5. Brigadier
  6. Colonel
  7. Lieutenant Colonel
  8. Major
  9. Captain
  10. Lieutenant

The rankings of an Indian Soldier can be identified with the help of insignia. Indian army ranks Insignia for different commissioned officers are shown in the image given below:-

Insignia For Commissioned Officers
Insignia For Commissioned Officers

So, according to the Oxford Dictionary, Insignia can be defined as a distinguishing badge or emblem of military rank, office, or membership of an organization. Insignia is basically a unique identity of an army officer. Moreover, it is a badge of honor or authority.

Insignia and Collar patches for Indian army ranks for commissioned officers

  1. Field Marshal – Insignia of Indian Army Field Marshal has a National Emblem over a cross baton and saber in a lotus blossom wreath. The Field Marshal collar patch has crimson patches with 5 golden stars.
  2. General – Insignia of Indian Army General has a National Emblem over a five-pointed star, all over a crossed baton and saber. The collar patch of General has crimson patches with 4 golden stars.
  3. Lieutenant General – Insignia of Indian Army Lieutenant General has a National Emblem over cross baton and saber. The collar patch of Lieutenant General has crimson patches with 3 golden stars.
  4. Major General – Insignia of Indian Army Major General has a five-pointed star over cross baton and saber. Major General collar patch has crimson patches with 2 golden stars.
  5. Brigadier – The Insignia of Indian Army Brigadier has a National Emblem over three five-pointed stars in a triangular formation. The collar patch of Brigadier has crimson patches with 1 golden star.
  6. Colonel – The Insignia of Indian Army Colonel has a National Emblem over two five-pointed stars. The collar patch of Colonel has crimson patches with golden braids.
  7. Lieutenant Colonel – Insignia of Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel has a National Emblem over a five-pointed star.
  8. Major – Indian Army Major Insignia has a national emblem.
  9. Captain – Insignia of Indian Army Captain has 2 five-pointed stars on it.
  10. Lieutenant – The Insignia of Indian Army Lieutenant has 2 five-pointed stars on it.


So, there are 3 different ranks in the Indian Army for Junior Commissioned Officers. All of them are listed below:-

  1. Subedar Major
  2. Subedar
  3. Naib Subedar

Insignia and Collar patches for Indian army ranks for Junior commissioned officers:-

Insignia For Junior Commissioned Officers
Insignia For Junior Commissioned Officers
  1. Subedar Major – Insignia of Subedar Major has Gold national emblem with stripe.
  2. Subedar – Insignia of Subedar has 2 Gold stars with stripe.
  3. Naib Subedar – Insignia of Naib Subedar has 1 Gold star with stripe.


This category consists of Non-commissioned officers and non-commissioned soldiers. Indian Army ranks for non-commissioned officers are listed as follows:-

  1. Havildar
  2. Naik
  3. Lance Naik
  4. Sepoy

Insignia and Collar patches for Indian army ranks for other ranks non-commissioned officers:-

Insignia For Non Commissioned Officers
Insignia For Non Commissioned Officers
  1. Havildar – Insignia of Havildar has 3 rank chevrons.
  2. Naik – Insignia of Naik has 2 rank chevrons.
  3. Lance Naik – Insignia of Lance Naik has 1 rank chevron.
  4. Sepoy – Insignia of Sepoy has Plain shoulder badge only.


So let’s discuss the procedure of Joining Indian Army and become an Indian Soldier.

  • Visit This is the official website to join the Indian army.
  • After opening the website. On the home page, a captcha appears which should be entered by every candidate. Then select the option – “officers entry login/apply”.
  • If you are a new user, you have to create a new login account by clicking on the “register” option.
  • Fill your registered id and password after registration in order to access your account.
  • Fill in all the required details in the specified format that is shown on the website.
  • Click on Submit after verifying all your details and information.


The age of the candidate must be between 21 to 27 years old. The minimum qualification should be 10th pass. and the eligibility criteria for every rank are different. The income of Indian soldiers depends on their ranks. For other details, you can visit the official website of the Indian Army.



While applying for the Indian Army, the candidates should carry the following documents along with two photocopies of each:-

  • Certificate of Class 10th along with the date of birth mentioned.
  • Marksheet of class 10th or 12th.
  • Village Sarpanch signed character certificate.
  • Certificate of Domicile/Nativity issued by authorized government officials.
  • Caste certificate issued by govt official (authorized)
  • In the case of Son of Serving Indian Soldier or an ex-servicemen or war widow. A relationship certificate issued by SRO or CRO is required. Record Office with the serial number, name, and application of the officer signing the relationship certificate.
  • NCC certificate (National Cadet Corps) signed by the battalion commander.
  • Fitness certificate and outstanding sportsmen.


There are so many benefits of joining the Indian Army as the Indian army soldiers or officers are provided Group Insurance and Free medical facilities for own self and for family. Moreover, the free ration is offered to Indian Soldiers and are given Free government accommodation to live in. Furthermore, they are benefitted from the canteen, mess, club and sports facilities too. They get 60 days of annual paid leave and 20 days of casual leave allowance. Indian Army officers are given leave encashment of up to 300 days and pension with all the benefits.


Does the Indian Army get a pension? After serving the Indian nation. The government looks after the retired Indian soldiers by giving them retirement benefits. So the first benefit is pension which is given at 50%. Canteen Facility and Death and Retirement Gratuity. They are rewarded with Insurance cover and free medical treatment. Retired Indian soldiers have an MBA program and resettlement opportunities.



Beating retreat ceremony is the lowering of flags of India and Pakistan both the countries. Beating the retreat ceremony between both the countries started in 1959. Border Security Forces (BSF) looks after the whole arrangements of ceremony. Indian soldiers and Pakistan rangers perform spectacular kinds of dance moves and raising their legs as high as possible. The Retreat Ceremony is a sign of brotherhood between India and Pakistan. The ceremony is alternately a symbol of rivalry between both countries. The retreat ceremony parade is held daily at Wagah Border (Amritsar) and Hussainiwala Border (Ferozpur).

The retreat ceremony parade is held daily at around 5 pm before sunset. The retreat ceremony is filled with too much excitement when both countries start their parade. The proper seating arrangement is available to watch the retreat ceremony. The Hussainiwala border at Ferozepur has a seating capacity of around 300-400 people at one time. Moreover, the Attari-Wagah Border has a big arrangement for a 500+ people crowd. Security is very high on the borders and regular checks are performed by the Border Security Forces. Furthermore, the Retreat ceremony parade is fun to watch.


Brave Indian Soldiers
Brave Indian Soldiers

There is no doubt in the thing that every Indian Soldier is brave and serving our nation very responsibly. A big salute to all the superheroes Indian Soldiers. We cannot thank them in words. They are doing a priceless job for India without fearing the risk of their lives.


Captain Vikram Batra
Captain Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra is recognized as the Kargil War hero who was a member of the 13 J&k Rifles. He developed one of Kargil’s toughest activities and thus called the Sher Shah. He, with his squad, recaptured Peak 5140 at 17,000 feet, thereafter recapturing peak 4875 and calling his family, he knew little that it would be his last call. Captain Vikram Batra was awarded Paramvir Chakra. He saved the life of his fellow soldier. Huge Respect for the Indian Soldier Captain Vikram Batra. Jai Mata Di.


Major General Ian Cardozo
Major General Ian Cardozo

Major General Ian Cardozo is a brave Indian soldier and left his mark in 1971 in war with Pakistan. His leg was wounded in the war by a landmine blast, and it was not operated by physicians. He requested a Khukri and cut off his arm stating’ go bury it.’ He continued to serve the nation with his unflinching will authority even after the incident and became the first disabled Indian Army officer. For fitness too, no capable soldier could beat him.


Brigadier Mohammad Usman
Brigadier Mohammad Usman

Brigadier Mohammad Usman never got married in his entire life as he was committed to his duty of serving his nation India. Moreover, he donated a large part of his salary to poor children for the betterment of their lives. Mohammad Usman died during defending Jhangar. His contribution to India is remembered by every citizen of the country. He was also offered to join the Pakistan army at the time of partition but he decided to be a part of the Indian army and serve his nation India.


Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav
Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav

Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav was the hero of the Kargil War in 1999. He received Paramvir Chakra at the age of 19 only. His bravery is a precedent for all Indian citizens. Yogendra Singh Yadav didn’t stop even after the opposition started rocket firing at the Indian army.


Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was an officer in the Indian army. Sandeep Unnikrishnan was awarded Ashok Chakra. He was martyred in Mumbai’s fateful 26/11 incident during his battle against the terrorists. In the evening, when several iconic buildings in South Mumbai were attacked, he was the team commander of the 51 Special Action Group and jumped to rescue hostages at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.


There are many songs on the Indian army in different languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, etc. Here are the names of some popular songs on Indian Soldiers army:-

  • Ae Watan By Arijit Singh
  • Army By Sumit Goswami
  • Ke Ghar Kab Aoge from the movie Border
  • Teri Mitti
  • And many more Indian army songs mp3 are available on the internet



A movie on the army life – Indian Soldiers never on Holiday (Thuppakki). It was released on 13 November 2012 in India. AR Murugadoss was the director and writer of the whole film. Harris Jayaraj was the music director of the movie. Indian Soldiers never on holiday is an action/thriller movie having a duration of 2 hours 52 minutes. According to google users survey – 93% of Google users liked this movie. Hero of the movie is Vijay. Kajal Aggarwal and Vijay had the main roles in the movie – Indian soldiers never on holiday (Thuppakki). You can watch the Thuppakki movie (Indian soldiers never on holiday) or download the movie by typing – Thuppakki movie download tamilrockers on google. Moreover, downloading movies is not preferred anymore.

Thuppakkii Google Google, Antarctica, Jagadish on a mission (theme song), Poi Varava, Kutti Puli Kootam, Vennilave, Alaikka Laikka are some popular songs of the movie Thuppakki (Indian Soldiers never on holiday). 


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