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Parmish Verma Wiki, Age, Residence, Wife, Family, Biography, Net Worth & More

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Parmish Verma is a very famous Punjabi singer-actor and director. Parmish Verma is liked in Punjab as well as in different corners of India, the number of their fans is increasing. Today, Parmish has millions of fans and Parmish Verma has become a well-known name in the Punjabi music industry. He has achieved this position in just a few years and let me tell you, Parmish has worked very hard to reach this point and hence he probably comes to respect his popularity. Despite being so famous, he is considered a very Humble human being. In his Struggling days, Parmish Verma had different kinds of work for his living, but hard work is the thing that makes a good person and by working hard Parmish Verma also became a good person.

Parmish Verma
Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma was born on 3 July 1986 in Patiala, Punjab. He was born in a Punjabi family and his father’s name is Satish Verma and his mother’s name is Paramjit Kaur. Apart from this, he also has a younger brother and an elder sister in his house. From childhood, Parmish was very fond of acting and singing. He often took part in different competitions. The more the trend was in acting and singing, the less he felt in his studies. For this reason, he was not very good at studies.

He did his schooling from a school in Patiala and went to Sydney, Australia to pursue further studies. While studying in Australia, there was a shortage of money. Due to less money, he started working as well as studying while living in Australia. He worked at different positions in the hotel and pubs. Parmish Verma started by washing dishes, after that he started being a bartender and similarly he managed to reach the manager’s post. It was also a result of his hard work that the place where he started washing dishes could later become the manager of that place.

Parmish Verma
Parmish Verma

Then after some time, he also quit studies in Australia and he came back to Punjab. The real reason behind coming to Punjab could not be cleared. But we know that it was love for his passion that drove him back to his country. While living in Punjab, he was doing theaters while following his acting passion, he knew that there is a lot of competition in this field, but he also knew that if you work hard, it definitely gets its result. Just as time passed and his hard work finally paid off in 2011, when he got his first role in the film “Punjab Bolda”.

After getting a job in this film, as if he never looked back, then after that he opened his own production house Parmish Verma Films and started directing music videos of many famous Punjabi singers. Many famous songs in which Parmish Verma has given directions are Aadat By Ninja, Gal Jattan Wali by Ninja, Thokda Reha By Ninja, Galla Mithiyan by Mankirt Aulakh. And he has also been seen acting in many of these music videos. He also appeared in films after spreading his flair in directing.

More recently, he has appeared as a lead actor in the film Rocky Mental. The film was also well received by the audience and appreciated by the critics. Apart from working in acting directing, he has also sung many songs. He has also topped it. His songs have been liked by people and those songs have millions of views on YouTube. Parmish Verma has given many hit songs to the Punjabi Music Industry like Gaal Ni Kadni, Aa Lah Chak Mein Aaya, Jab Hum Padheya Karte The, Sab Fade Jange, 4 Peg and furthermore.

Parmish Verma images
Parmish Verma

Apart from this, on April 13 in 2018, an unknown person had fired at Parmish, a friend of theirs, on hearing this news, the fans of Parmish Verma were very shocked, but soon the news of their safety came when people breathed in peace. After recovering from the injury suffered in this attack, he soon returned among his fans and showed what clay he was made of. Parmish Verma has been a trendsetter in Punjab and people follow his look. Parmish is also a gym enthusiast and works very hard for fitness. For this reason, he has become the inspiration of millions of people.

We hope that he will continue to entertain us all from his talent. We wish he achieves more success in the coming future.


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