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Satnam Khattra The Body Builder Dies Due To ??

Satnam Khattra Death

A piece of very sad news came out this morning which has shocked the sports & fitness world. Not only people from Punjab but everyone is shocked after listening to this sad news. There is a wave of sorrow everywhere. Satnam Khattra, a famous bodybuilder and best kabaddi player from Punjab are no more with us. He made whole Punjab proud by his fitness and dedication in bodybuilding. Satnam Khattra was also called the man with the biggest biceps. Satnam was a big idol for youngsters. He encouraged the youth of Punjab to quit drugs and start bodybuilding.

Reason of Death: Satnam Khattra

Everyone is sad with this shocking news and wants to know how the legend Satnam Khattra died, let me tell you, he died due to heart attack, he started having trouble breathing at night and while taking him to the hospital, he was on the way. He vomited blood in the car and gave up his life. Satnam Khattra had a great personality that attracted everyone. He was a fashion icon. Satnam Khattra ruled the hearts of many people. His villagers say that he was a man of golden heart. Satnam used to help everyone in the village People believe that Punjab has suffered a never-ending loss due to Satnam’s death as thousands/lakhs of people were following him and gaining interest in sports and fitness. His family and relatives are in complete shock that what has happened to Satnam suddenly. Nobody was expecting this as Satnam was very young. He was 31 years old.

His fans and villagers can’t believe that he is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace. Satnam will always stay in our hearts. Check out this live video of his village where people from different districts gathered together for Satnam Khattra’s cremation.

LIVE VIDEO OF SATNAM KHATTRA CREMATION AT HIS VILLAGE. You will be always missed. Nobody can replace you. great bodybuilder and model of Punjab.

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